Areas of Expertise

Daniel Sheehan received his Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. There he served a Co-Editor of the Harvard Civil Rights Law Review and as Chief Research Assistant to Professor Jerome Cohen, the then-Chairman of the International Law Department at the Harvard Law School. Dan specialized in American Constitutional Law and International Law, studying under Professor Lawrence Tribe, America’s foremost Constitutional scholar. He also served under Professor Abe Chayes as one of the five Point Briefers to Congress on the Cooper-Church Amendment drafted by Robert Kennedy’s prospective Secretary of State to terminate all Congressional funding of the Vietnam War.

During his forty-four year legal career, Dan has investigated and successfully litigated some of our nation’s most celebrated public interest cases of this generation. Through this work he has developed particular expertise in several areas of the law, including:

  • First Amendment Rights
    • Freedom of Speech and Press
    • Freedom of Religion
  • Native American Rights
  • Civil Rights / Civil Liberties
  • Fourth Amendment Rights
    • Reproductive Freedom
  • Criminal Defense
  • International Law and Foreign Policy
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) Civil Prosecution

For a more detailed list of Daniel’s cases and experience, please see his biography and Curriculum Vitae