UCSC 2012: The People’s Advocate


In the spring of 2012, Daniel Sheehan taught a class at UCSC outlining the major cases he has litigated over the years. The class starts with stories from Harvard Law School and works through the Pentagon Papers, the Karen Silkwood case, and the Iran Contra scandal, to name a few.

4-3-2012: Intro lecture – Danny Sheehan’s adventures in law school, how we will confront and hopefully overcome this generation’s upcoming major crises

4-5-2012: Second intro lecture, continuing to explain the upcoming crises and how to confront them, black panther cases, the Attica prison riot
Black Panthers, Attica Prison Riot, other stories: 4-5-2012 Daniel Sheehan

4-10-2012: Eisenstadt v. Baird case
Eisenstadt v. Baird: 4-10-2012 Daniel Sheehan

4-12-2012: Roe v. Wade case
Roe V. Wade: 4-12-2012 Daniel Sheehan

4-17-2012: The New Bedford riots, right of journalists to protect their confidential news sources
The New Bedford riots, protecting confidential news sources: 4-17-2012 Daniel Sheehan

4-19-2012: The Pentagon Papers Case
The Pentagon Papers Case: 4-19-2012 Daniel Sheehan

4-24-2012: The Watergate Burglary
Watergate Burglary: 4-24-2012 Daniel Sheehan

4-26-2012: The Watergate Hearings, and the history of the Reactionaries, leading back to the Kennedy Assassination
Watergate Hearings, ties to Kennedy Assassination, Reactionaries: 4-26-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-1-2012: Sara Nelson introducing the Karen Silkwood case, talking about the organizing, outreach, and education necessary to the litigation
Karen Silkwood Case: 5-1-2012 Sara Nelson

5-3-2012: Second Karen Silkwood Case class, the investigation
Karen Silkwood Investigation: 5-3-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-8-2012: Third Karen Silkwood Case class, the trial
Karen Silkwood Trial: 5-8-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-10-2012: Fourth Karen Silkwood Case class, the appellate court cases, and the Three Mile Island case, which closely followed the Karen Silkwood case
Final Silkwood Class & Three Mile Island: 5-10-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-15-2012: Greensboro Civil Rights Case
Greensboro Civil RIghts Case: 5-15-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-17-2012: Greensboro video, and the Mayor Eddie James Carthean murder trial
Mayor Carthean Murder Trial and Greensboro: 5-17-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-22-2012: American Sanctuary Movement Case, leading into Iran Contra
American Sanctuary Movement: 5-22-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-24-2012: Iran Contra Case, pre-filing investigation
Iran Contra Pre-Filing Investigation: 5-24-2012 Danny Sheehan

5-29-2012: Iran Contra Case, pre trial discovery, post filing investigation
Iran Contra pre trial discovery & investigation: 5-29-2012 Daniel Sheehan

5-31-2012: Iran Contra Case, the appellate process, the special prosecutor’s investigation, etc
Iran Contra appellate process & special prosecutor: 5-31-2012 Danny Sheehan

6-5-2012: The big picture: Putting it all together, why Danny has done all this stuff, what do we do from here
The Big Picture - What we do from here: 6-5-2012 Danny Sheehan

6-7-2012: Final class! Open discussion about new paradigm topics, world-views, UFOs, etc